Crowdbaron is a Hong Kong based company driving crowdfunding innovation in Asia through international real estate.Crowdfunding is a process where many people work together to find solutions to complicated tasks. Today, social media and the internet are expanding crowdfunding possibilities into new areas.Our goal is to create profit sharing opportunities in international property which are fair and transparent - and fulfill the aspirations of future landlords. There are no banks or expensive mortgages, and we take care of the administrative challenges. We believe getting into the property market should be as easy as booking a hotel room for your next vacation. It is straightforward and honest – a true collaboration on a profit sharing basis.

At Crowdbaron, like-minded people crowd together to purchase a suitable property project. We handpick different projects, from land development to property rentals, and present all the facts and figures to the crowd. Each participant's share can be as little as 1% in a project. When the project is sold, the participants obtain a share in the profits. Some projects also offer a regular share of the rental profits. Crowdbaron’s projects are currently spread across London and are researching additional cities to be added soon.



HK$ 100000