Find Doc

We believe people in Asia should be able to make well informed choices based on relevant information and facts, just like their counterparts in the United States or elsewhere and not merely rely on referrals. FindDoc exists to provide an intuitive platform for people to search for appropriate information on healthcare providers and efficiently book their services. FindDoc was founded in 2011 by University of New Hampshire roommates Kevin Yeung and Dr. Michael Lim along with technologist Ivan Ng to honor their friend, the late Hong Kong business leader Mohan Mahtani. Mohan sustained a serious concussion and fell into a coma. His family desperately tried to find leading neurosurgeons but found that information was not readily available. Mohan’s daughter Poonam was a friend and colleague of Kevin’s who in turn reached out to his college roommate Michael for help. Despite Dr. Lim’s immense experience and talent serving as one of America’s leading neurosurgeons, he was simply too far away to make an impact. Sadly, Mohan never regained consciousness and passed away on October 23rd, 2011.