Shosha is a social network app for iOS and Android devices. Shosha (which stands for “Shoot and Share Your Life”) is reinventing the social networks landscape by "enabling people to share genuine everyday moments with their loved ones in a unique way". Shosha hopes to carve out a niche for itself by focusing on authenticity, and dialing down the scale of “social” to just the core group of family and friends you actually want to share your life with.

The app sends the user a randomly timed invitation to shoot. The user has limited time to decide whether to record immediately or postpone the recording for later in the day. After accepting the invitation, the user records a 5-second video which is automatically saved and posted onto the “Lifeline,” where all videos of the user’s contacts will also be visible. Users can scroll through the “Lifeline”, view and comment. Videos are also added to the user’s “LifeCalendar,” where they are sorted by date. The user can then share their own videos on other social networks or combine them to create a mini-movie of their life.



US$ 30000