Casey Lau

Casey Lau is one of Hong Kong's tech start-up pioneers, having launched one of the first HK-based web design studios; Rogue Media, co-founded; Asia's first e-commerce site, co-founded Velocity9; a new media development agency and Popcorn Media Network; a digital publishing company.

He along with Gene Soo, John Buford and Daniel Cheng formed StartupsHK in 2009 to ignite the tech startup scene in Hong Kong through a series of conferences and networking events - and helped grow the Hong Kong ecosystem from the original founders, who met weekly at coffee shops in Hong Kong, to over 15,000+ members today.

He built his network heading up SoftLayer's Catalyst Startup Program in Asia-Pacific, managing Asia's first virtual accelerator for startups across the region supercharging their efforts from China, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Taiwan. Softlayer was acquired by IBM in 2015.

Casey speaks regularly around Asia on Hong Kong's startup scene at global conferences like Infinity Ventures Summit (Taiwan), DLD (Israel) Startup Summit (Scotland), World Angel Investment Summit (Canada), Slush (Japan), Asia Beat (China), SparkLabs Demo Day (South Korea), Echelon (Singapore), and many more.

He is also a mentor at Techstars, Chinaccelerator, Entrepreneur First, Brinc, Betatron, and many other accelerators and startup events.

Casey is currently the co-host of RISE - the Web Summit's Asia conference based in Hong Kong - returning to Hong Kong for the fifth year on July 8-11, 2019 with 20,000+ attendees. The Korea Times calls RISE "the largest tech conference in Asia."

He also splits his time as a founding partner at Dim Sum Ventures - an early stage venture fund dedicated to Proptech, co-founder of a brand licensing marketplace utilizing blockchain technology called BLMP and in stealth mode on a new Future of Work startup.

He is very active on Twitter at @casey_lau and on Instagram as @caseylau_.

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