Chester Leung

Born to be an entrepreneur always with ideas to change the rules of games and norms to make people's life more efficient and the world more beautiful. That's why he helped his mother's newspaper store to deliver newspapers in an unconventional way and his father's siu mei (roasted meat) restaurant to boost business when he was a teenager.

Genes with justice and righteousness, he voices out any unfair and unjust, hardly tolerate any vested interests. That's why he took actions in writing columns and articles to expose existing problems and arouse awareness in society. He joined political parties in order to do something and was a member of The Liberal Party and New People's Party.

Trained to be a professional, detail-minded with ample experience in management and execution of projects and tasks, gained from MNC and professional firms. He is a member of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors. He is also a Registered Professional Surveyor as well as a licensed estate agent.

Experienced in dealing with people. People is the most important asset from business perspective, the most difficult part to handle and manage from operation perspective and the most unpredictable elements from relationship perspective. This is exactly what he has been doing in his career.

One sentence to summarise:A surveyor-turned-entrepreneur full of energy and passion who is able to execute and get things done to solve people problems through undiscovered value, and giving more power and choices to consumers.

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